Art Exhibition: Tam Joseph’s “New Work”


New Work by Dominican-born British artist Tam Joseph will be on view from June 18 to 21, 2013, at ArtWorks Project Space (Barbican Arts Group Trust), located at Blackhorse Lane Studios (114 Blackhorse Lane, London, UK). There will be a private viewing on June 18, from 7:00 to 9:00pm.

Born in Dominica, Tam Joseph moved to London as a young boy. He studied at the Central School of Art, Slade School of Art, and the University of London. He worked on Yellow Submarine, the animated film featuring the Beatles. He travelled in Europe and the Far East during the 1970s, and subsequently enrolled at the London College of Printing, graduating with a Dip AD in typographic design. One of his emblematic works is his 1982 “Spirit of the Carnival (The British forces of law and order in confrontation with an ancient African Spirit)”—shown in the recent Caribbean: Crossroads of the World exhibition in New York. [See previous post Tropical Ambition.]

nooseDescription: Tam Joseph is an artist determined to let his creativity move freely, in any given number of directions, as this new body of work so ably demonstrates. Presented here is new work made since the artist set up in BAGT studios in Blackhorse Lane in 2006. Various audiences might cherish Tam for work produced in earlier years, but the artist is here to tell us, or to show us, that whatever work we might have previously identified him with, he has, most assuredly, moved on to ever more innovative ways of making paintings and sculptures. In the words of the artist, “it is very important for me to keep moving to explore new ideas and reacting to the times, experimenting with new materials and generally having fun, but you know how people are once they’ve stuck a label on an artist, they are not happy when the person wants to move on.”

Looking at this compelling new body of work, it’s apparent that Tam Joseph enjoys all aspects of what can be described as the creative process, from the point at which ideas are conceived, through to the realising of these ideas – the making of the work itself. He draws inspiration, first and foremost, from his environment – the world around him, and the world in which he lives. Beyond that, he draws inspiration from the Internet, magazines and his own considerable archive of photographs and other images. He has a keen eye for the vagaries and the absurdities of world that has been created around us, a world in which we are all, to varying degrees, implicated. But rather than simply passively absorbing the news through mainstream media, or even through the increasingly hegemonic realm of social media, the artist chooses to reflect on events and on popular culture by making his own, decidedly original artistic interventions. He describes his art as being “located at the centre of social and political, religious, and mystical commentary with a generous dash of a lifelong interest in science fiction.” Such is the heady cocktail of influences that inform the making of his work.

[Many thanks to CulturArt Inter Caribbean for bringing this item to our attention.]

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