Smells like teen ‘swag’ as Miguelito releases first English-language album ‘Here to Stay’


The 14-year-old Puerto Rican singing sensation has had a successful run with his first seven Spanish hit records and now aims to take the English market by storm, as Zayda Rivera reports in this article for The Daily News.

Move over, Justin Bieber – Miguelito is all grown up and ready to become the next big teen idol.

Okay, he’s still only 14. But Miguelito, who became a singing sensation in his native Puerto Rico at just 7 years old, is currently preparing to release his eighth album, “Here To Stay” – his first English-language CD.

“The new project is really different so fans will be amazed,” he says.

“My last seven albums were more merengue, bachata, reggaeton and salsa. But on this new album we’re going to have more party songs, starting with the first single, ‘Swaggin.’ ”

Miguelito proved he had swag even as a baby-face youngster. He’s the youngest person to win a Latin Grammy – at the tender age of nine- for Best Latin Children’s Album in 2008.

“When I started singing, one of my first goals was to win a Grammy,” says Miguelito, whose real name is Miguel A. Valenzuela Morales.

“That’s the best award you can get in the music business. So when I won, it only made me realize that I have to keep on working more and more.”

And he’s not just a singer, he’s also a businessman. Miguelito has launched a clothing line, Heir, as well as branded his name for hair gel products and even kids’ vitamins.

“Right now it’s all about the music and I want to be the best artist that I can be,” he said.

“But every opportunity that comes to me I will take it because now is the time. You can’t let things pass you by because you never know if it’s the biggest thing of a lifetime.”

One experience of a lifetime he’s looking forward to is being part of the Puerto Rican Day Parade on Sunday (Miguelito is set to ride on a Daily News float).

“I’m going to be there in New York City representing my flag,” he says.

“The fact that I’m going to such a great parade to represent my flag means a whole lot. I have lived in Puerto Rico my whole life and if it weren’t for the fans on the island I wouldn’t be where I am today. My first single was released in Puerto Rico and most of my fans are from the island.”

While he’s accomplished a lot for his age, Miguelito realizes the dangers that can come with getting too much, too soon. But the performer/entrepreneur says his family constantly reminds him of what’s really important in life.

“My parents always tell me to be grounded, and that’s the most important thing for an artist,” says Miguelito, whose mother is Puerto Rican and father is Dominican.

“They always want me to be myself, but to remember that the fans are why I am where I am today. So I appreciate (the fans) and give them my time. I would not be Miguelito without them.”

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