Suriname Activist has the cutest roommates ever: 200 smiling sloths


Monique Pool really likes sloths. And that’s lucky, because there have been nearly 200 of them into her home in Paramaribo, Suriname — all invited, of course, as reports.

Pool turned her home into the Green Heritage Fund Suriname, a sloth sanctuary that operates with help from the Conservation International. She didn’t intend on rescuing quite so many of the critters; she was responding to information from the Animal Protection Society of Suriname about 14 sloths that were found on a private land plot that was being cleared .


(Sloths must be tough to count, because 14 turned out to be 200.) Since then, Pool and her volunteers have been busy bottle feeding sloth babies and finding cecropia tree leaves for the adults to eat. Pool has reintroduced most of the sloths to their natural habitat. Check out some adorable pictures of Pool’s sloth buddies by Becca Field (as are those on this post) by clicking on the link below for a slide show. Sloths are so photogenic that they have been recruited to serve as animal ambassadors for Suriname.


“Sloths — being, in my opinion, the cutest of all forest dwellers — make great ambassadors for the forests of the Guiana Shield,” Field said. “Like all of us, they depend on the forest to survive and thrive. They spend virtually all their time in the treetops — eating, sleeping and even giving birth in the trees. The more time I spent with them, the more I learned firsthand why it is so important we conserve areas like the Guiana Shield.”

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