New Book: Understanding Child Sexual Abuse—Perspectives from the Caribbean

childabuseAdele Jones, Director of the Centre for Applied Childhood Studies at the University of Huddersfield, has co-authored and edited the first book to address the issue of child sexual abuse “within a region of the world constructed as a ‘paradise’ in the language of global travel.” Understanding Child Sexual Abuse—Perspectives from the Caribbean (Palgrave, 2013) includes several chapters (including the conclusion) by Professor Jones, who is joined by L. Joseph, P. Maharaj, S. Burns, E. Trotman Jemmott, B. Lambert Peterson, H. Da Breo, L. Rocke, and D. Pasura to produce a detailed analysis of child abuse, with specific focus on Eastern Caribbean countries.

The book stems in part from a groundbreaking study—“Devastated Childhoods: Perceptions of, attitudes to, and opinions on child sexual abuse in the Eastern Caribbean”—under the direction of Professor Adele Jones and Ena Trotman Jemmott, a consultant working for Action for Children. Eastern Caribbean countries that took part in this initiative and were committed to this research project were Anguilla, Barbados, Dominica, Grenada, Montserrat, St Kitts and Nevis. Studies on Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean countries followed these research efforts.

Description: The book follows on the heels of the most recent research into the topic (commissioned by UNICEF) and draws extensively from previously unpublished material. While child sexual abuse occurs in all countries, few books explore the nuanced conceptual, cultural and social behaviors which underpin it. The book is distinctive in that it addresses the limitations of dominant models for child protection that have emerged out of the richer countries of the West and which are often ineffective in the majority world and provides practice and policy examples for transforming child protection in sustainable ways. This edited volume includes contributions from a wide range of disciplines such as psychology, psychotherapy, law, social work, sociology, early childhood education and counseling.

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3 thoughts on “New Book: Understanding Child Sexual Abuse—Perspectives from the Caribbean

  1. I downloaded and looked through this piece of work hoping to find data about who were the perpetrators of child abuse in the Caribbean. Unfortunately the book is completely void of any data. The closest was surveys where the general public in areas expressed who they thought committed child abuse.

    The work reinforces traditional stereotypes about sexual child abuse which is suspect and is full of anecdotal references about child abuse. It makes interesting reading but is devoid of material that one can use to conduct research.

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