New Book: Félix Jiménez’s “Audioeuforia”


Félix Jiménez’s new book Audioeuforia has just been published by Terranova Editores.  Audioeuforia is a series of essays on culture, art, and politics in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. José F. Buscaglia Salgado (Department of Transnational Studies, University at Buffalo) writes:

“This is not the history of noise but rather the story of noise as history.” Félix Jiménez knows that “there are ways to see what you hear, and see how you listen.” Audioeuforia is thus located among the leading exponents of Antillean and Caribbean thought of yesterday and today, entering the list of those treatises on the intractable that become more unclassifiable the more dissemination they achieve.

True to tradition, this auspicious work goes from making noise to making even more noise. But it also arrives with urgency, to provide an effective poultice against the insidiousness that foundational texts such as Ortiz’s Contrapunteo and Pedreira’s Insularismo ooze. At the same time, this great rhythmic essay, which is more an incantation than a chant, comes better armored with authorities and reaches greater precision in triangulating its objectives than Glissant’s Caribbean Discourse, Walcott’s twilight oracle, or that repetitive ‘certain kind of way’ of Benítez Rojo. Jiménez does what he says; he is able to re-sonify the discursive space around the beat of an urban and participatory ‘audiocracy’ that bears the stamp ‘Made in Puerto Rico’ and asks to pour out precipitously everywhere and anywhere. Let us listen to him well.”

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