Documentary about Arsenio Rodríguez Debuts in Cuba


Part of the life and work of Cuban composer and tres player Arsenio Rodriguez (1911-1970) has been put together in a documentary premiered here by the Recordings and Musical Editions Company (EGREM).

Conceived on DVD, was designed as part of the 17th International Fair Cubadisco 2013 and includes recordings in the United States, where the author of popular topics such as La vida es un sueño and Fuego en el 23 lived for nearly two decades.

The film La Leyenda de Arsenio, (The Legend of Arsenio) directed by Rolando Almirante, is guided by the daughter of the late musician, Regla Travieso, and collects testimonies of his Havana family, friends and colleagues in New York and Puerto Rico, as well as Cuban experts on the island

In just 59 minutes, the images go over key moments on the commemoration of the centenary of his birth, also known as the wonderful blind, of his native town Guira de Macurijes, Matanzas, the soirée at the Havana’s Mella Theater, and the tribute act in New York, USA.

The original idea of the outstanding singer, songwriter and music producer, Tony Pinelli, is embodied in an excellent product to pay a deserved tribute to one who played an important roll in the development of the Cuban Son.

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