Gold for TT at Chelsea flower show


At the world famous, prestigious Chelsea Flower Show that took place between the 21st and the 25th of May in the UK, the Horticultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago won a gold medal – again, as Anne Hilton reports in Trinidad’s Newsday.


In fact this is the 14th time a Gold Medal has been awarded to our horticulturalists and flower-arranging group in the premier flower show in the world. This year’s medal was won for and exhibit of tropical and subtropical flowers and foliage. 

This year is even more cause for celebration since the ‘old guard’ has retired and an almost entirely new team of members of the Society made up of Bernard Beckles, Eualalie Brewster, Theresa Chasteau and the sole veteran, experienced in the ways of the Annual Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show, Anthony Tang Kai, were responsible for the presentation this year. 

Photographs show the award, the arrangement of red ginger lilies and anthuriums with pandanus leaves and a steel pan arrangement with cocoa beans, moss and pan sticks of shampoo ginger lilies wrapped with silver vine.

For the original report go to,178114.html

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