Leo Alexander’s New Book Humanizes Caribbean Prostitutes


New collection of anecdotes reveals prostitutes as relatable people.

In his new bookPutas of the Caribbean (Prostitutes of the Caribbean)” (published by AuthorHouse), author Leo Alexander explores the world of legal prostitution in the Caribbean.

Based on true events, Alexander’s book takes readers inside the lives and experiences of prostitutes working in the Caribbean. Readers will hear their stories and those of their clients in this intriguing collection.

An excerpt from “Putas of the Caribbean (Prostitutes of the Caribbean)”:

“In many places throughout the Caribbean and Latin America prostitution is legal or tolerated. Work places in these parts consist of bars, whorehouses, nightclubs, taverns, street, casinos and hotel lobbies. Like many places in the world, most islands in the Caribbean will have a place to visit. However you will find that the working girls typically come from other Islands or South America.”

“No matter why these women decide to get into the business, they are human with great hearts and soul,” Alexander says. “Many people have a bad opinion of these women, so I wanted to shed a new light on these women and to humanize their lives.”

“Putas of the Caribbean (Prostitutes of the Caribbean)” 
By Leo Alexander 
Softcover | 5 x 8 in | 174 pages | ISBN 9781463405236 
E-Book | 174 pages | ISBN 9781463405243 
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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