University of Puerto Rico-Utuado Opens Coffee-Tasting Laboratory


Puerto Rico is inaugurating the Caribbean’s first university laboratory dedicated to coffee tasting. The Specialty Coffee Institute of the Caribbean (SCIC) is located at the University of Puerto Rico’s Utuado campus in the island’s central region, which is well-known for producing some of the finest coffees.

The Specialty Coffee Institute of the Caribbean will be a space for students, faculty, and residents of the island to learn about the continued development of coffee in the country. The lab will study coffee grain and boost the consumption of Puerto Rican coffee as well as the techniques needed to identify the best product.

cafesSpokesman Derlin Joel Munoz said Thursday that the laboratory, which received $45,000 in funds from the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), is currently open only to students and faculty, with plans to open to the public by August. He said an additional $300,000 investment in the next two years would provide barista training, aid in the university’s own coffee production and help revitalize the island’s coffee industry.

The U.S. territory has struggled in recent years to find workers to pick coffee beans, with the industry losing millions of dollars as a result.

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One thought on “University of Puerto Rico-Utuado Opens Coffee-Tasting Laboratory

  1. Congratulations UTUADO : It was about time that another campus other than El Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez (otrora: “El Colegio de Ingenieria y Artes Mecanicas” de Mayaguez) initiated an academic/ didactical program at the global level. That should be done in all the campuses of the UPR. SI VAMOS A SER COLONIA VAMOS A APROVECHARNOS!!! HERMANAS Y HERMANOS!! It is beyond me why is that all those small islands in the Caribbean where WE ARE LOCATED GEOGRAPHICALLY!!! are taking advantage and creating “occupational and academical educational programs that cater to the global community like in the health field, the text management (linguisitic and all other academic areas) and Ana G Mendez Corp. and El Sagrado Corazon are the only entities that one hear mention an represented from PUERTO RICO when “occupational” educational programs gathering are held in the financial centers of the American Continent (which includes US (PR’s). I know there are other barriers, but we are a political force in the USA Empire… BUt TO WHOM AM I PREACHING TO…FELICITACIONES!!!

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