Hyatt Regency Trinidad’s Meet and Be Green Program

Pool and Deck

After hosting the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s 14th Sustainable Tourism Conference, the Hyatt Regency Trinidad (in downtown Port of Spain), a premier business travel hotel, is committed to sustainable incentives and events expertise. In line with Earth Day, the hotel continues to provide services and offers groups a sustainably conscious location for all needs. The hotel focuses on food locally and sustainably-sourced to benefit the community and guests while leaving a minimal carbon imprint.

Meet and Be Green is part of Hyatt’s larger pledge to conserve energy, minimize waste and create responsible, sustainable corporate practices. By empowering guests to commit to a more sustainable lifestyle, Hyatt can help minimize the environmental impact of meetings by following ten environmentally thoughtful steps: use products with 100 percent recycled content; print materials locally; minimize shipping; recycle during the meeting; rather than setting materials at every seat, place meeting materials, such as handouts, notepads, pens, etc., in a central location so attendees can take as needed;  maintain room temperatures at an appropriate level; eliminate disposable water bottles; minimize use of other disposable products such as plates, cups, napkins, and utensils; elect locally grown seasonal foods when planning the menu; and plan ahead for the meeting to make it easier and more economical to keep the meeting green.

Full details of the program and promotion are available at

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