Ancestral Spirit in a Bottle?—Dr. Cécile La Grenade and a Grenadian Family Business

grenade1As I was searching for more information about Dr. Cécile La Grenade, the first ever woman Governor General of Grenada [Cécile La Grenade: First Female Governor General of Grenada], I found this fascinating article about one of her ancestors—Captain Louis de la Grenade—and the family business, which includes the signature La Grenade Liqueur, De La Grenade jams and jellies, and more. But, for now, here is an article by Bernhard Grdseloff, who writes about the two-hundred-year-old spirit that “resides in bottle of mysterious liqueur”—La Grenade Liqueur. He writes:

The exact recipe is top secret: from nutmeg pulp, citrus fruit from the mountains and Grenada’s spices, a small family-run business brews the exotic La Grenade liqueur. Yet the most important ingredient is definitely the 200-year-old spirit of legendary Captain Louis de la Grenade.

The old warhorse was the leader of the civil militia fighting a slave rebellion in the 18th century. “The recipe for the liqueur was given to him by a Dutch missionary in return for a trip on the Captain’s ship,” explains Dr. Cécile La Grenade, descendant of the plantation owner and manager of today’s family-run business. “My mother started producing this beverage commercially after it had been made to meet private needs only for many generations.”

The mysterious potion, which raked in a gold medal in Brussels, is said to have magical powers: rub the Captain’s head on the label, take a swig, and wish you were in Grenada. In any case you’ll have the scent of nutmeg in your nose and the taste of the spices on your tongue.

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For more articles about the liqueur see,,, and


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