New Book: Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia’s “Caribe abierto”


Caribe abierto (  ) Ensayos críticos is a collection of critical essays published by the International Institute of Ibero-American Literature [Instituto Internacional de Literatura Iberoamericana], edited by Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia.

Description: In the words of the editor, this critical anthology “spoils the disciplinary sharpness or moral correctness of many well-pondered narratives barely dedicated to presenting an inventory of the identity particularities of the islands.” What guides the exploration of a possible Caribbean space here is not the “mainstream tendency” but rather unique, anomalous, and impossible subjectivities, as well as abject, unmotivated, and unbelievable actions. The works’ critical register spans from the health deliria of Dr. Ashley in San Juan, Puerto Rico, to the counter-Dantesque orgies of José Lezama Lima.

The contributors are Lena Burgos-Lafuente, Ana Serra, Ivette Rodríguez-Santana, Horacio Legrás, Marilyn Grace Miller, Néstor E. Rodríguez, Francisco Morán, Eduardo González, Laura Maccioni, and Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia.

Juan Carlos Quintero-Herencia is professor of Latin American and Caribbean literature and cultures at the University of Maryland. He received his BA from the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras, and his MA and PhD from Princeton University. Quintero-Herencia has also taught at the University of Puerto Rico and Brown University. His major teaching and research interests include modern and contemporary Caribbean literatures, contemporary Puerto Rican, Dominican and Cuban literatures, literary theory, cultural analysis, poetry and literary politics. In addition to more than 40 articles and essays, Quintero-Herencia has published the following books: Fulguración del espacio: Letras e imaginario institucional de la Revolución cubana (1960-1971) (2002) (Latin American Studies Association-Premio Iberoamericano 2004) and La máquina de la salsa. Tránsitos del sabor (2005). As a published poet, he is the author of La caja negra (1996) and El hilo para el marisco/Cuaderno de los envíos (2002) (Poetry Award Pen Club of Puerto Rico), among others.

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