Ronnie Cameron and Other NFL Players in Haiti


Haitian-American Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Tackle Ronnie Cameron  [shown above] and a delegation of players from the National Football League will join The Jack Brewer Foundation and the Inter-American Development Bank for a soccer match against Haiti’s youth to promote road safety. The group is presently in Haiti for the 4th Annual One Team 4 Haiti Global Ambassadors Trip, from May 7-12, 2013.

The Jack Brewer Foundation, which uses its various programs and global initiatives to offer educational opportunities and economic development to underprivileged individuals around the world, will be also joined by numerous government agencies, non-governmental organizations, communication agencies and player associations.

The line-up will also include Drayton Florence of the Carolina Panthers, Akin Ayodele, formely of the Buffalo Bills, Corey Chavous formerly of the Minnesota Vikings and former New York Giant Barrett Green. The NFL players will play a soccer match with the youth of Haiti that will be a series of events coordinated by the Inter-American Development Bank‘s Youth Unit as part of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, launched in 2011.

The IADB says it does not have national statistics for traffic fatalities in Haiti but it is a major problem in the country.

The Jack Brewer Foundation Worldwide’s Annual ‘One Team 4 Haiti’ Global Ambassadors Trip began in 2010, following the earthquake. JBF Worldwide partnered with the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, Player Associations for the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB and numbers other partners for a relief effort and has continued it annually since.

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