Magno: Tribute Poem for Curaçao’s Helmin Wiels (1958-2013)


St. Martin poet Lasana M. Sekou was touched by the tragic death of pro-independence leader and Curaçao parliamentarian Helmin Magno Wiels, who was assassinated on Sunday, May 5, 2013. Here is his moving tribute poem to the fallen patriot:

“Magno” (Helmin Magno Wiels; December  9, 1958 – May 5, 2013) by Lasana M. Sekou)

Another king

just crowned in the kingdom

of blood, a coronation of bullets wheezing death

in a hail of the assassin’s contract of hate

circling to puncture through

the riddled breastbone of the nation

to still & rent the sovereign heart from beating true

but we are who we are even when we fear to be


and “E Politico mas grandi di Curacao

diadomingo pasa di 5:15 atardi

a yega pa cumpra cuminda na …”

this day, de dooded de dooden dem walk

victorious, from liberty park to mari pampun

to carry him away, the fallen son, Home

but for the living,

aki, yunan

lucha no kaba.

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