Fishermen Find a Giant Bomb in Vieques Waters

bombaDay before yesterday, on the 10-year anniversary of the US Navy’s departure from Vieques, Puerto Rico, fishermen found a gigantic bomb—over ten feet tall—some three miles north of the island, at a depth of approximately 80 feet (one of “thousands of bombs” in the Vieques seabed, according to the fishermen.)

Three fishermen found a huge bomb under the sea, while working north of the island municipality of Vieques. In written communique, Cacimar Zenón, Xavier Próspero, and Manuel Rucci stated that the immense explosive is 80 feet deep. “This is one of the bombs that still lie in our seabed. My coworker is 5 feet 6 inches and he was not even half the size of the exposed part of the bomb. How deep does a bomb need to be buried to stick straight up in strong sea currents?” asks Cacimar Zenón, who usually goes fishing between Vieques and Culebra.

According to fishermen, thousands of bombs are scattered on the seabed in unexpected places, as they are very far from the old bombing polygons that the U.S. Navy used in the area.

“Every day we come across bombs or military scrap. The risk is there, but we will not stop fishing. We need to work for a living,” said Zenón. Also, the trio of fishermen claim that “no official work has been done by local or federal authorities to address the restoration of the seabed.” “On the contrary,” says Zeno. “The opening of the Laguna Anones and the neglect of agencies such as Fish and Wildlife has caused a significant decline in fishing,” he said, quoting official data from Government of Puerto Rico, which shows declines of 90 percent for fishing the last 10 years ago.

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