Sculpture by Italian Artist Donated to Havana’s Ernest Hemingway Museum


A sculpture by Italian artist and guerrilla Renzo Orvieto was donated on Tuesday by his compatriot Franco Lucchetta to the Ernest Hemingway Museum, the Cuban home of the famous writer, located in the town of San Francisco de Paula, in this capital. 

The piece, a trophy of the international fishing competition held in 1989 and dedicated to the Nobel Literature Prize winner, will be part of the auxiliary inventory of the institution and will be placed in one of the cabins of the swimming pool, currently under repair, pointed out the center’s director, Ada Rosa Alfonso.

In a temporary way, visitors will be able to appreciate Orvieto’s creation on the stern of the El Pilar yacht, the legendary vessel used by the author of The Old Man and the Sea for his fishing expeditions, on display at the Museum. 
Entitled “Hemingway and the sea,” the work consists in a bust of the author surrounded by a marlin, on a wooden base with motifs related to that important personality of world letters, among them the family’s emblem, the Pilar yacht and the military ranks won during the war. 
The Museum, located at La Vigia Farm, which served Ernest Hemingway as refuge for two decades (from 1940 to a date near his death in 1961), treasures documents and belongings of the famous intellectual and will be the venue in June of an international colloquium on his life and work.

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