Haiti Film Festival 2013-Part 2


Here are some of the activities of the upcoming Haiti Film Festival, hosted by Haiti Cultural Exchange in New York City from May 9-12, 2013. We previously posted on the festival opening, the Emerging Filmmakers Networking Event, and the Screening of Select Short Films, held on May 9 and 10, 2013. Here are the film screenings for May 11. All screenings will take place at St. Francis College, located at 180 Remsen Street in Brooklyn, New York. [Some of these will be followed by Q&A sessions—see below.]

Noon – 2:00 pm

Zafè Fatra (2012, 8 Minutes, Kreyòl with English subtitles) by Kendy Vérilus (Exclusive New York Premiere): Today’s Haitian youth are so accustomed to fatra (trash) as the backdrop to their daily lives that they can’t even remember clean streets in urban Haiti. A situation frustrating for many citizens, a group of young musicians are using their talent to urge their communities to clean up.

Port-au-Prince, Ma Ville (2000, 57 minutes, Kreyòl & French with English Subtitles) by Rigoberto Lopez: The documentary highlights the problems that undermine Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital: overpopulation, degradation and lack of urban infrastructure. A crossroads of cultures, races and religions, the city occupies a key-role in the history of European expansion in Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. Followed by a Q & A with Kendy Vérilus and Frantz Voltaire.

2:00 – 3:30 pm

Madame TiZo (2004, 64 Minutes, Kreyòl and French with English Subtitles) by David Belle: The documentary tells the story of an extraordinary Haitian elder. While taking care of numerous relatives and neighbors who depend upon her, Madame TiZo (Mrs. Little Bones) simultaneously works as a midwife and leaf doctor for an endless stream of men, women and children who find their way to her yard seeking relief from their maladies. Followed by a Q & A with David Belle.

3:30 – 6:00 pm

Everything Absolutely (2013, 12 Minutes, English) by Natalie Paul and Terence Nance: Director Natalie Paul’s first short film follows a young woman on a simple adventure: a date with a guy. Pam Grier, parents, and pesto all somehow find their way into this intimate journey.

Blackout (2007, 95 Minutes, English) by Jerry LaMothe: Starring Jeffrey Wright, Zoe Saldana, Melvin Van Peebles, and Jamie Hector, the film follows the intertwined lives of neighbors in East Flatbush during the blackout of August 2003. As the sun beats down on the city, things heat up in this story of community and circumstance. Blackout premiered at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival and was awarded the Director’s Spotlight Award at the 2007 Urbanworld Vibe Film Festival. Followed by a Q & A with Natalie Paul and Jerry LaMothe.

6:00 – 8:00 pm

Twa Timoun (2012, 81 Minutes, Kreyòl & French with English Subtitles) by Jonas d’Adesky (Exclusive New York Premiere): This film follows Vitaleme, Pierre, and Mikenson, three 12-years-old best friends who live in a home in Port-au-Prince. Vitaleme is haunted by his memories as a child servant and is obsessed by the idea of freedom. When the town is struck by an earthquake, all three find themselves on the street. Followed by a Q & A with Jonas d’Adesky.

8:00 – 10:00 pm

M’ale (2009, 20 Minutes, Kreyòl with English Subtitles) by Kishner Deprinvil: A young Haitian man by the name of Gady graduates college with honors expecting to immediately find a job. However, his homeland is infested with rampant corruption in its political and social institutions. With an unexpected turn of events and a wife and daughter on the verge of starvation, Gady resorts to extreme measures with hopes of taking care of his family.

On the Verge of a Fever / Le Goût des Jeunes Filles (2006, 88 Minutes, French with English Subtitles) by John L’Ecuyer based on a novel & screenplay by Dany Lafferière: In 1971 Haiti, 15-year-old Fanfan lives a somewhat sheltered life with his protective mother. Following a terrifying incident involving a Tonton-Macoute, Fanfan hides out at his beautiful neighbor’s house for the weekend.

[Image above from Twa Timoun.]

For more information, seehttp://haiticulturalx.org/hcx-haiti-film-fest-2013-schedule

2 thoughts on “Haiti Film Festival 2013-Part 2

  1. Can you name 5 female directors showing films in this year’s Festival? #HaitiFilmFest
    The 5 females directors are: Patricia Benoit, Martine Jean, Natalie Paul Rachelle Salnave, Shirley Bruno, Guettly Felin.

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