Cuban Art: Centennial Exhibitions in Havana


The National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana, Cuba [Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes] continues its centennial year celebration with a full roster of anniversary exhibitions. Two exhibitions opened recently: “Museo Nacional de Cuba: Orígenes de la colección” [National Museum of Cuba: Origins of the Collection] and “Hitos: Crecimiento de la colección de arte en el museo nacional 1913-1963” [Milestones: Growth of the Art Collection in the National Museum 1913-1963]. Both exhibitions run through July 19, 2013.

As Cuba Art News informs us, “Hitos” explores three significant moments in the collection’s development, through works that entered the museum’s holdings in the years 1913, 1925, and 1954, and “Orígenes” takes a broader perspective, encompassing paintings, decorative arts, historical relics dating back to the pre-Columbian era and objects related to Afro-Cuban religions. The show includes a space dedicated to the cinema.

[Photo above: Raúl Cañibano, Havana (No. 1) 1998 from the series “Crónicas de la ciudad” (Courtesy of Aluna Art Foundation)]

For original post (in English), see

For more information (in Spanish), seeígenes-de-la-colección andón-de-arte-en-el-museo-nacional-de-1913-1963

For more on Raúl Cañibano, see Cañibano’s Haunting, Iconic Photos of Raúl Cañibano Come to Miami


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