Esther Figueroa Uploads Classic Environmental FIlms to youtube


Jamaican filmmaker Esther Figueroa has uploaded four of her classic environmental videos to her youtube channel.

1. The much beloved and previously difficult to find “Cockpit Country is Our Home”

Made especially for a Jamaican audience, CCIOH is a 28 minute educational video about Cockpit Country and the various plants and animals that live there. Made with Susan Koenig and Mike Schwartz Windsor Research Centre, 2012.

2. The first film she made upon returning to Jamaica, “Cockpit Country Voices from Jamaica’s Heart.”

This 24 minute documentary features a cross section of residents who live in Cockpit Country, describes the unique natural, historical, cultural and social aspects of the region, presents the negative effects of bauxite mining in other parts of Jamaica, and expresses the desires of Cockpit Country residents to see their home preserved without the impacts of mining. Made with Diana McCaulay, Jamaica Environment Trust, 2007.

3. “Saving Rio Grande – Lifeline of a People”

Rivers and fresh water sources in Jamaica are abused. This 12 minute educational video was part of an effort by the Nature Conservancy Jamaica Program to stop river poisoning in the Rio Grande valley. The project brought togethe the Rio Grande communities along the river, pertinent Government of Jamaica entities and other “stake-holders”, to stop the “wicked, dastardly” (in the words of Maroon Colonel Harris) practice of poisoning the river as a fishing method. Made with Kimberly John, TNC Jamaica Program, 2007.

4. “Massa God Fish Can Done”

This 18 minute documentary, uses a fisher exchange between Belize and Jamaica as a vehicle to describe the extremely degraded state of Jamaican fisheries and to advocate for changes in fishing methods, attitudes, enforcement, consumption, and to follow the lead of Belize which went from an over fished region to one that is the Caribbean leader in fishery conservation. Made with Nathalie Zenny of The Nature Conservancy Jamaica Program, 2009

Esther asks us to please pay attention to what is happening with environmental degradation in Jamaica. Cockpit Country will soon be back in the news and the struggle to stop mining there continues. Font Hill will be back in the news as well. If you haven’t seen the short “Font Hill Jamaica’s Gift to the World”, please watch:

And here are two petitions about deforestation and the threat of Jamaica’s new charcoal export industry, and a new untested procedure in Jamaica to stop sand erosion

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