Puerto Ricans around the Globe to Convene at “The Parranda Summit”

flagParranda.org, a new non-profit dedicated to the development of a “Greater Puerto Rico,” announced its first annual global summit on May 30, 2013, at the University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras.

The first event of its kind, The Parranda Summit aims to bring together leaders throughout the global Puerto Rican diaspora community for a full-day interactive session where the goal is to identify, discuss, and develop solutions to Puerto Rico’s most pressing challenges and opportunities.

Structured as an “open space” event — where the participants design and structure the event themselves — the Summit has the overarching mission to empower the new leaders of the Greater Puerto Rico to learn from one another, align with one another, and take positive and measurable action across a broad range of areas: economic development, entrepreneurship, healthcare, education, crime prevention, the environment, and voter empowerment.

“Since launching Parranda.org over the Christmas holidays, we’ve been hearing from Puerto Ricans from all sectors — government, business, academia, the arts — that they would love to find ways to meet and collaborate with others, both online and offline,” said Natascha Otero, co-founder of Parranda. “The Summit is our first effort to bring gather Puerto Rican leaders from all over the world in a highly engaging, interactive, productive way.”

“Through organizations like Parranda and others, the global Puerto Rican diaspora is beginning to organize better to collaborate on these issues,” said Antonio Sosa Pascual, co-founder of Parranda. “With the Parranda Global Summit, we will have a unique opportunity to bring together the new world of emerging Puerto Rican leaders, and begin planning a range of activities for the coming year.”

[. . .] By providing a virtual platform for mass collaboration, Parranda enables people on and off the island (the Puerto Rican diaspora) to work with one another on meaningful and measurable initiatives.

For full article, see http://www.marketwatch.com/story/puerto-ricans-around-the-globe-to-convene-at-the-parranda-summit-2013-04-19

For more information on the summit, registrations, and sponsorships, you may call Antonio Sosa Pascual at (617-233-2845) or see please visit www.parranda.org   and http://parrandasummit2013.eventbrite.com

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