Singer/Songwriter Fernandito Ferrer to Perform in Connecticut


Puerto Rican singer/songwriter Fernandito Ferrer will perform on Friday, April 19, 2013, at 8:00pm at La Paloma Sabanera Coffee House in Hartford  ($10 at door—sliding scale). The coffee house is located at 405 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut.

Description: Fernandito Ferrer has been a young pioneer among the new breed of singer-songwriters in Puerto Rico. Originally from San Germán, Ferrer draws from the Nueva Trova giants of the 70’s but has also developed a language of his own within his work. His percussive guitar technique and impressive vocal abilities together with the good use of subtle yet powerful melody and poetic imagery puts his small-towner’s music in a much wider context. His style is best compared to the works of Tracy Chapman, Ani DiFranco, Antonio Cabán Vale, Silvio Rodríguez, and Nick Drake.

In January ’02 he published his self-produced dedut album Después de tanto tiempo, recorded in Santo Domingo. “In it he merged his prior influences as a drummer, his love for jazz and his passion for folk music from around the globe. The end result is a soothing sound that, although undeniably Latin, overcomes all territorial boundaries.” Since then he has appeared in several festivals and recordings in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cuba, the United States, Honduras and Mexico, among others.

For additional information, see La Paloma Sabanera Coffee House and

Listen to his songs at

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