Rara Fanm Band

thCA1PX2IUFounded by Dieuvela Etienne, Rara Fanm Band is a group exclusively of women inspired by Rara, handling drums, vocals and other instruments. Unfortunately, I missed posting that they were performing on Wednesday, April 3, in the evening at the Knowledge and Freedom Foundation (FOKAL), but stay tuned for more performances by this fascinating group. Haiti-Libre describes:

This group of a dozen women, is linked to the association “Atelier Toto B”, who has worked for 7 years in the promotion of female talent. “Rara Fanm” enjoys a good popularity in Haiti. The band has an album and several music videos. “Rara Fanm” interprets voodoo singing, with accents of jazz and opera, French songs rehabilitated to the percussion Creole, a fusion clear, beautiful, and captivating dances.

Rara has always brought together women as choreutes, queens chanterelles and flags holders. But at the heart of the orchestra, we found only men. The emergence of “Rara Fanm” as female orchestra has broken this gender barrier, by creating an alternative between the groups rara mixed, men and women.

For original article, see http://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-8239-haiti-culture-rara-fanm-band-a-group-exclusively-of-women.html

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