New Coffee Retailer is Boosting Haiti’s Economy One Cup at a Time


Haiti, producer of some of the best coffee in the world, is not represented in any of the brands a consumer sees at the local supermarket or coffee shop. New online retailer and wholesale distributor,, is hoping to change this with the introduction of Haitian grown and roasted coffee in the United States. Founded by Fabien Dodard, Jean-René Faustin and Jean-Sebastien Dodard, was created when one of the owners was drinking a cup of Haitian coffee and wanted to have as many people experience the unique taste. They feel that Haiti’s world-class, award-winning coffee is one of a kind.

Kafe Pa Nou’s mission is simple – to increase awareness and demand for Haitian coffee. The online retailer features organic coffee that is grown and roasted in Haiti. Currently, Kafe Pa Nou is featuring the blends of Rebo and Selecto. Rebo follows a 30-year-old recipe and has a bold aroma with chocolate tones, light cinnamon and earthy undertones. Selecto has a delicate aroma and an excellent flavor with chocolate notes.

“There are more than a million Haitians living in the United States today, and many of them are consuming coffee that is not their native coffee,” says Fabien Dodard, CEO and Co-Founder of Kafe Pa Nou. “Haitians have an appreciation for high-quality coffee and we want to bring that quality of coffee to people everywhere, no matter their location. Kafe Pa Nou allows people to do this, without having to buy a plane ticket to Haiti.”

By increasing the demand for Haitian coffee in the United States, Kafe Pa Nou hopes to increase the national production of coffee, bring support to Haitian farmers, their communities and ultimately, boost the economy. Adds Dodard, “By drinking this coffee, people are contributing to a stronger Haitian economy, one cup at a time”.

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