New solo show opens at Bermuda’s Masterworks Museum


The beauty of Bermuda has inspired an artist whose work will go on display from today, as Sarah Lagan reports for Bermuda’s Sun.

Valerie Brown opens her solo exhibition of oil paintings at Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. There are 29 piece of work for sale and additional works from private collections on display.

From an early age Brown enjoyed drawing and painting.

She said: “I would lose myself for hours in the happy pursuit of capturing a likeness or just playing with patterns”.

Throughout her formal education art was her favourite subject and the one she received the highest grades.

“The last ten years have been a delight for me as I have painted with many professional artists from Bermuda and abroad.”

Brown also fills her time painting with fellow artists and has attended many art courses at Bermuda College.

After experimenting with many mediums, she found that her style is primarily suited towards oils.

“What appeals to me is the luminosity and richness of the paint and the ability to keep working the canvas”.

Her work will be on display until April 10 in Masterwork’s Rick Faries Gallery.

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