Snoop Lion Explains Path to Rastafarianism and ‘Reincarnated’


From his early days with the 213, to his days at Death Row, to his era with No Limit, to his more recent years as an international icon and superstar, Snoop Dogg now Snoop Lion has made his mark on Hip-Hop history forever, as Jake Crates reports for Follow the link below for a video of the All Hip Hop interview.

There will never be another like Snoop. A true artist and businessman, Snoop has stayed relevant thank in part to his amazing ability to brand and now, rebrand himself.  There’s his Adidas deal, his own cigarillos, several clothing lines and the GGN news show.

His latest venture, Reincarnated is a spiritual accomplishment.

Gone are the days of gang banging and music filled with negativity and violence. Snoop has found a new path; a path of peace, love and respect for his fellow brethren. Don’t get it twisted though, the street savvy Snoop Dogg is somewhere in there, behind the clouds of smoke and his effervescent personality.  Snoop clearly still remembers his days running the streets of Long Beach, with the 213 trio of himself, Nate Dogg and Warren G and in the movie he recalls the loss of Nate. In fact in his movie he draws comparisons between 213 and the Wailers, consisting of Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. Reincarnated shows the striking similarities and also the pain that Snoop felt from losing Nate Dogg and others in his life. The footage is raw, extremely detailed and emotional.

“We were searching for true reggae music and the message of peace and hope it reflects,” says Snoop Lion of his movie and album Reincarnated. “It’s so much a part of who I am, and this record is all about paying homage and giving respect to those who created and love reggae music, and hopefully introducing it to a whole new audience. I feel truly honored to make this album and respect to all who blazed the path for me.”

In the film, Snoop shows his whole trip to Jamaica, from the spiritual reincarnation as he is “baptized” by the holy Rastas, to the process of recording his album. As an official selection of the critically acclaimed Toronto International Film Festival, the compelling VICE Films/Snoopadelic Films film chronicles the controversial journey of a modern-day icon in his spiritual awakening.

With production and songwriting from some the world’s most renowned songwriters, Snoop orchestrated a reggae and dancehall influenced album with the assistance of executive producer Diplo and the Major Lazer production team.  With features from Drake, Chris Brown, T.I., rapper Busta Rhymes, Akon, Rita Ora and dancehall stars Popcaan and Mavado, Snoop pulled out all stops to make this project right.

In all reality you won’t truly understand Snoop’s Reincarnation if you don’t see the movie and understand why he choose the path that to Rastafarianism. Snoop is looking to show growth at 40+ years of age and Snoop doesn’t believe in gang banging and violence anymore. This is a turn in a positive direction for Snoop and it shows that he wants to lead by example for the younger generations of rappers and those involved in Hip-Hop.

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