San Antero Donkey Festival, get your ass there


Donkeys dressed as ladies, make-up and all, will parade down the streets of a San Antero in northern Colombia to celebrate the town’s annual Donkey Festival.

The streets of San Antero, Cordoba will look a little stranger and smell a little more foul when the town’s annual Donkey Festival kicks off on March 26. The five-day festival celebrates the town’s faithful companion, the ass.

In addition to the lovely jackasses that will be trotting around San Antero, festival-goers can enjoy music, dancing, food, crafts, contests and – of course – costumed donkeys.

The festival’s main event is the crowning of the king and queen donkey, rewarding the animals that are best dressed to represent the Colombian Caribbean culture. The winners are then “baptized” with the name of a neighbor, poking fun at community members.

The event attracts both national and foreign tourists alike, as it falls during one of Colombia’s biggest vacation holidays, Semana Santa.

Event schedule located here: National Festival of the Donkey 2013 Schedule

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