New Book: Ana María Fuster Lavín’s “(In)Somnio”


Isla Negra publishers invites the public at large for the launch of (In)Somnio by Ana María Fuster Lavín on Saturday, March 16, 2013, at 4:00pm, at Librería Mágica in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. The book will be presented by writers Alberto Martínez Márques and David Caleb Acevedo.

There will also be reading s by Marioantonio Rosa, Awilda Cáez, José H. Caéz, Amarilis Tavárez, and Ana María Fuster. Musical performances will include Francisco “Paquitín” Figueroa, Arnaldo Figueroa, and Doris Caraballo.

Daniel Torres (El Post Antillano) writes that “with this poetic novel about stories of insomnia,” Fuster Lavín can be classified as a writer of Caribbean gothic. Torres adds: “And so, night creatures, vampires, angels, and scarecrows roam the streets of a town called San Juan, are all set to words in Ana María Fuster Lavín’s (In)Somnio.

Ana María Fuster Lavín was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in 1967. She is a storyteller, poet, cultural press correspondent, and a columnist for several various electronic publications. Her writings have been published in newspapers and journals, as well as national and international anthologies. Her work has been translated into English, Portuguese, and Italian.

Her books include: Verdades caprichosas (2002); Réquiem (2005); El libro de las sombras (2006, poetry); Leyendas de misterio (2006, children’s stories); Bocetos de una ciudad silente (2007, short stories); El cuerpo del delito (2009, poetry); El Eróscopo: daños colaterales de la poesía (2010, poetry), and Tras la sombra de la Luna (2011, poetry).  (In)Somnio is her ninth book. She also has her own blog:

For original post (in Spanish), see

For full review by Daniel Torres (in Spanish), see

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