Curaçao Art Website to Make Visual Arts More Accessible


Amigoe reports that the Curaçao Art Foundation officially launched a website that brings together visual arts related to Curaçao. Material for Curaçao Art ( is compiled by curator Josee Thissen-Rojer, in cooperation with participating visual artists. [Many thanks to Peters Jordens for bringing this article to our attention.]

The Curaçao Art website contains all art-related topicalities such as news, photographs of artworks, profiles of artists, and information about art galleries and events. E-Art letters, Facebook and Twitter will also assist interested parties in staying informed about updates and new developments related to Curaçaoan art.

“Curaçao Art will become a platform for everything concerning the visual arts of Curaçao. It provides access to everything that art aficionados need. It also improves the accessibility of galleries. We expect that it will enable us to reach a larger group of people through art than is the case at present. Many tourists are interested in art and will now be able to find it with greater ease,” Josee Thissen-Rojer tells Amigoe. The site is in its initial stages and will grow. Visual artists who are not yet mentioned on the site will soon be approached for collaboration.

“Caribbean visual arts enjoy world-wide attention and art is an attractive promotional product for Curaçao. The initiative of the Curaçao Art Foundation to start a website is not only unique, but also a most welcome proposal to present Curaçao through art,” adds Ghatim Kabbara of the Curaçao Tourist Board. CTB will promote the website internationally.

Daisy Casimiri of Monart Gallery says: “Curaçao is certainly not inferior to other countries in the Caribbean region when it comes to the visual arts. We are a country where people come and go and interaction is plentiful. This expresses itself in the arts and creates a distinct character. Exhibitions such as ‘Arte 99’, ‘Antepasado di Futuro’ and ‘Island Reflections’ in Michigan, USA, have shown how special our art is. The current cooperation between the CTB and Curaçao Art further enhances the opportunities for the development of the visual arts on the island.”

The website has been developed with financial support from the Prince Bernard Cultural Fund Caribbean Area.

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