New Book: “Rastafarianism in Havana”


One of the books presented this year at the Havana’s International Book Fair was Marialina García Ramos’ fascinating study of Rastafarianism in Cuba—Rastafarismo en La Habana: De las reivindicaciones míticas de las tribus urbanas [Rastafarianism in Havana: Of the mythical vindications of urban tribes]—published in 2012 by Pinos Nuevos. The book was presented by historian Graciela Chailloux Laffita. Earlier last year, the book won an award for essay from Pinos Nuevos publishers.

Description: From a standpoint focusing on the diversity of identity constructions present today in Cuban society, Marialina García Ramos offers a view of the Rastafarian universe of Havana. With a wealth of testimonial texts and anthropological analyses, the book reveals the customs, codes, modes of speaking and dressing, and interaction with other cultural groups—in sum, the aesthetics and perspectives of this “urban tribe.” The study presents approaches to the analysis of the Rasta imaginary, which results from multiple processes of de-territorialization in the configuration of transnational identities or communities derived from the stages of dialogue facilitated by the market, cultural industries, and other instances of globalization.

For an interview with the author, see

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