Llandudno Owl experts get backing to save rare Domincan Republic species


OWL experts has just returned to Wales with good news from a Caribbean island where they are running a project to save a rare species, as Judith Phillips reports for the North Wales Weekly News.

Pam and Bill Broughton, of the North Wales Bird Trust based at Bodafon Farm in Llandudno, are working with conservationists in the Dominican Republic to ensure the survival of the Ashy Faced Owl.

“Our trip was brilliant. We have secured from Land Rover a Land Rover Discovery vehicle once again, for the next few years, for our field research of the Ashy Faced Owl.

“We also secured further funding from local businesses out there for another two years of research and education.

“Bill and I were accompanied on this occasion by Dr Enrico Albertini from the Montowl Breeding Centre in Italy who has agreed to support the zoo in the Dominican Republic with their captive breeding programme to ensure the survival of the Ashy Faced Owl in captivity.

“The long term aim is to bring some of these owls to Europe to increase the genetically healthy gene pool in captivity,” explained Pam.

And during the visit she presented the British Ambassador, Steven Fisher, with a plaque from Llandudno Town Council.

“He remarked that although he receives a number of such gifts, he was particularly pleased with this one as it, unusually, included a photograph of the town. He even showed me where in the official residence it is to be hung. He is looking forward to a visit to Llandudno some time in the future,” added Pam.


For the original report go to http://www.northwalesweeklynews.co.uk/conwy-county-news/local-conwy-news/2013/02/28/llandudno-owl-experts-get-backing-to-save-rare-domincan-republic-species-55243-32893432/

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