TITERETADA 2013, Puerto Rico Celebrates World Puppet Day


With TITERETADA 2013, Puerto Rico celebrates World Puppet Day during the month of March (March 1-24, 2013.) Events will take place at several venues in San Germán and Santurce, Puerto Rico, including these theaters: Casa Cruz de la Luna, Abracadabra, Taller Teatro Y no había Luz.

March1, 2: “Sobre la mesa 10.” 8:00pm Casa Cruz de la Luna in San Germán. (With Sugeily Rodríguez, Carlos “Gandul” Torres, Nami Helfeld, Mary Anne Hopgood, Yussef Soto Villarini, Julio Morales, Yari Helfeld and Deborah Hunt).

March 6: Puppet Cinema [Cine de Títeres], 8:00pm at Taller Teatro Y No Había Luz in Santurce. (Free) Curated by Quique Rivera.

March 15, 16: Banners and Cranks, 8:00pm at Abracadabra in Santurce. A night of stories and songs with Dave Buchen, Papel Machete, Poncili Puppets, Deborah Hunt, and Y No Había Luz.

March 20, 21, 22, 23: Cabaret Nights [Noches de Cabaret] 8:00pm at Taller Teatro Y no Había Luz in Santurce. A marathon puppet performance for adults with Papel Machete, Tere Marichal and company, Mary Anne Hopgood, El Mundo de los Muñecos, Circo Nacional de Puerto Rico, Rosa Luisa Márquez and Antonio Martorell, Poncili Puppets, Dave Buchen, Deborah Hunt, Tito Bourasseau, Bryant Hoffman, Kerem Herrera and more…

March 24: Presentation of a new manual by Deborah Hunt—“Títeres, titererias y objetos performáticos”—8:00pm at Taller Teatro Y No Había Luz in Santurce. (Free) As part of “El Imaginario de los zangolotinos” (night version) with Guie Beeu Guerrero and Deborah Hunt.

See more information at https://www.facebook.com/events/329020390548865/ and http://futuropr.com/events/titeretada-2013

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