“Little Haiti” Sunday Stroll


With the increasing number and volume of complaints about Wynwood’s Second Saturday Art Walk and its rowdy atmosphere, a Little Haiti-based coalition is inviting the culturally curious to explore a different Miami neighborhood. Spearheaded by Yo Miami with the support of Sweat Records, the Little Haiti Cultural Center, and others, the first Little Haiti Sunday Stroll will take place from 12 noon to 6:00pm on March 3, 2013. Jordan Melnick interviews Yo Miami founder Yuval Ofir:

“With newly renovated storefronts, extensive bike lanes, and ample parking, the neighborhood is a region ripe for exploration throughout the day,” according to the LHSS press release, which says that the event will feature specific “hotspots” within Little Haiti (bound roughly by N.W. 54th Street to the south, N.W. 62nd Street to the north, N.E. Fourth Avenue to the east, and N.E. Second Avenue to the west).

JM: In your press release, you say Sunday Stroll will allow Little Haiti to “reintroduce” itself as a “region ripe for exploration” — how does the neighborhood differ from the average Miamian’s conception of the place?

Yuval Ofir: I don’t know that Miamians even have a conception of the place generally. It seems to me like more people are just peripherally aware of it as a dangerous area to drive through quickly and maybe notice the pastel colored shops in passing. In reality though, there’s a whole group of small businesses and organizations who see potential in the neighborhood and have put their time and money into establishing themselves there (for example, Churchill’s Pub, Sweat Records, Moksha Family Artist Collective, Yo Space, Little Haiti Cultural Center, Little Haiti Community Garden, Metro1, and many more).

JM: What activities/events can we expect at the first Little Haiti Sunday Stroll?

YO: The idea behind the Stroll is for it to be more focused on culture in general (with special emphasis on Haitian/Caribbean culture) rather than strictly sticking to art. While there will be galleries such as Yo Space and Moksha featuring art, there’s also book stores, restaurants, a record shop, and a whole variety of venues that will have their own elements to bring to the table. [. . .]

To learn more about the Little Haiti Sunday Stroll, visit the event page for Yo Miami’s Average Joe Art Sale, one of the Stroll’s hotspots.

For full article and interview, see http://www.beachedmiami.com/2013/02/20/little-haiti-sunday-stroll/#more-24765

3 thoughts on ““Little Haiti” Sunday Stroll

  1. Reblogged this on Dennis R. Hidalgo and commented:
    The clear advantage of living near a metropolis: you have access to a broad pool of cultural choices. Can I genuinely call myself the engaged scholar I am when I see most of the cultural transformations and historical events taking places from a distance (in far Appalachia)?

    I hope that some of you, with more accessibility, would appreciate the advantage and attend events like this one!

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