Call for Submissions: Languages, Literatures, and Cultures of the Caribbean


The University of the Netherlands Antilles and the Fundashon pa Planifikashon di Idioma are interested in publishing papers on Languages, Literatures, and Cultures of the Caribbean presented at the 15th Annual Eastern Caribbean Island Cultures (Islands in Between) Conference, as well as other submissions from those who were not able to make it to the St. Thomas conference. The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2013.

Guidelines: Papers may be written in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, or Papiamentu/o. Papers must be in Word format and all footnotes and references must follow the guidelines. Papers should follow this format: 1) Word file of a total length of 5-15 pages; 2) 13 point New Times Roman font; 3) A4 paper size (rather than US ‘Letter’ size); 4) Use 1.15 interlinear spacing or single spacing; 5) 1 inch margins on all sides; bottom center page numbering. Along with your paper, please send a very short bio (maximum 80 words) including email address at the end of the bio, and a digital face photo. Please send papers to

Guidelines for References

In general: Family name of author; first name in full, for the rest initials only; year of publication in brackets. Title italics. Place of publication: Publisher. Example:

Kleinman, Arthur M. (1980). Patients and healers in the context of culture: an exploration of the borderland between anthropology, medicine and psychiatry. Berkeley: University of California Press.

For articles in journals:

Muysken, Pieter & Paul Law (2001). Creole studies: a theoretical linguist’s field guide. Glot International, 5, 2, 47-57.

Indicate which edition is used, and the year of the original publication:

Ani, Marimba (2007, [1994]). Yurugu: an Afrikan-centered critique of European cultural thought and behavior. Washington: Nkonimfo.

If the edition used is a translation, add the translator and the year of the first original publication:

Césaire, Aimé (1972, [1955]). Discourse on colonialism. (Trans. Joan Pinkham). New York: Monthly Review Press.

If the edition used is a revised edition, give details:

Chaudenson, Robert (2001, [1992]). Creolization of language and culture. (Rev. ed. in English in coll. with Salikoko S. Mufwene). London: Routledge.

If it is an article in a book, please indicate editors etc.:

Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y. (1999). The Arawak language family. In Robert M.W. Dixon & Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald (Eds.), The Amazonian languages (pp. 65-106). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

If web article, please give details:

Schmidt, Ronald (2002). Racialization and language policy: The case of the U.S.A. Multilingua, 21, 141-161. Retrieved Jan 10, 2010 from

Footnotes: No references in footnotes, please. Footnotes should be avoided and used only to give explanations that don’t fit in the main text.

If the text needs to refer to a publication, please do it as in the following example (please include page numbers):

For brevity’s sake, I will refer the reader to works on these literary histories by Wim Rutgers (1996: 99-152) and myself (Van Kempen, 2003: 45). (Then make sure to include these authors in the references.)

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