ARC Supports Caribbean Art at VOLTA NY


The ARC Magazine team is pleased to announce a presentation of selected works, monographs, and a roundtable discussion to be held at the new invitational VOLTA NY, from March 7-10, 2013. The discussion will take place on March 8th from 6:00pm. All events will take place at 82 Mercer Street in New York, New York.

Description: Exhibited works include Joscelyn Gardner’s “Creole Portraits III” series and new paintings by Elizabeth Colomba, along with a presentation of artists’ monographs by Manuel Mathieu, Patricia Kaersenhout, Anna Ruth Henriquez, David Bade, and Sasha Huber.

In collaboration with VOLTA NY, ARC will present Curtailing Anxieties I: Boundaries of defining art in the Caribbean, a roundtable discussion exploring topical concerns around the recent global upsurge that has encapsulated contemporary Caribbean art.

RSVP at or here.

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Image above: Joscelyn Gardner, “Mimosa pudica (Yabba);” hand-coloured stone lithograph on frosted mylar, 2009.

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