New Highway in the Dominican Republic will Cross the Caribbean’s Tallest Mountains


Representatives from the country’s north region (Cibao) and the Southwest attended a rally to support the construction of the Santiago-San Juan highway, a road that would cross more than 150 kilometers of the Caribbean’s highest mountains. It will pass close to Pico Duarte, which is not only the tallest mountain in the Dominican Republic, but it is the highest point of all of the Caribbean islands.

Representatives from the Catholic Church, Congress, and government and nongovernment agencies stated their support for the road’s construction, which would link the country’s two most important agro regions. In the event held at the offices of the San Juan Producers Association, the participants approved a statement which describes the work as high interest for commerce, culture and ecotourism.

Santiago Archdiocese archbishop Ramon Benito de la Rosa y Carpio, and his colleagues from San Juan, José Dolores Grullon, and Barahona, Felipe Nunez headed the activity to promote the highway, for which the government has already earmarked RD$345.0 million in the 2013 budget.

This road will start in the city’s Anacaona street, and continue north through the town of Juan de Herrera, the dam at Sabaneta, and cross the national parks Ramirez and Bermudez, to the village El Rubio, near San Jose de las Matas and on to in Santiago. Civil engineer Juan Tejeda said the work only entails 80 kilometers of new roadway, because the other road sections are already built.

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