Boricuas in the House: New Music from Puerto Rico


Jasmine Garsd (Alt.Latino) highlights Puerto Rican music for NPR; starting out with an interview at the University of Puerto Rico’s radio station WRTU with music journalists Alfredo Richner (Puerto Rico Indie) and Ezequiel Rodríguez (“Frecuencias Alternas”), she put together a list of the best in new music on the island, while obtaining insider information for understanding the music scene on the island.

The best picks of these two music lovers to represent the diversity of Puerto Rico’s new music were: Orquesta el Macabeo’s “Lluvia con sol,” Fofe y Los Fetiches’ “La mañana blanca,” Mima’s “Oigo voces,” AJ Dávila’s “Animal,” Alegría Rampante’s “Un cuarto más pequeño,” Similar’s “Manifesto,” El Medio’s “Hasta caer,” Campo-Formio’s “La mocosa,” Tach.dé’s “A Cliff against the Sea,” Fantasmes’ (Mario Negrón and Darío Morales) “Redness Moon,” Jashma’s “El recoge escombros,” and The MD’s “Brain Damage.”

Garsd writes: Last week, I had the pleasure of traveling to Puerto Rico to work with NPR’s Morning Edition crew. If you haven’t already, check out their fantastic series showcasing life and challenges on the island today. Of course, we couldn’t begin to talk about Puerto Rican culture without discussing music: not just the usual suspects, like salsa and reggaeton, but also an amazing underground indie-rock scene.

In between taping Morning Edition shows about the economy and migration, I found time to sneak out to the University of Puerto Rico’s WRTU and meet up with two of my favorite music journalists: Ezequiel Rodriguez, who hosts the show Frecuencias Alternas, and Alfredo Richner, creator of the blog Puerto Rico Indie.

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