Conference: Global Ecologies: Nature/Narrative/Neoliberalism


Global Ecologies: Nature/Narrative/Neoliberalism

A two-day conference
Global Ecologies: Nature/Narrative/Neoliberalism stages an interdisciplinary conversation about globally relevant environmental issues such as neo-liberalism, militarism, waste dumping, deforestation, and food, land, and water sovereignty. Our conference will foreground international environmental issues and highlight the importance of how attention to narrative form is vital to understanding and enhancing the impact on public understandings of environmental crisis. We bring together scholars at UCLA and beyond who are concerned with how narrative forms such as the novel, non-fiction prose, poetry, (digital) media, the arts, as well as the narrative practices of scientists, social scientists and ecologists have differently inflected the representation of non-human nature, and to raise questions about the challenges environmental storytelling poses for collaboration between the global North and the global South.
This two-day conference brings together scholars examining globalization and the environment in order to address the interdisciplinary implications of environmental study. Working in diverse fields such as African, Caribbean, Latin American, South Asian, and Pacific Island Studies, our participants will examine issues in environmental studies across a number of geographical and national contexts; those who have engaged critical questions about the role narrative can play in illuminating the links between the environmental concerns and the history of colonialism and globalization. Joan Martinez-Alier’s concept of the “environmentalism of the poor,” and Vandana Shiva’s model of “earth democracy” are central concepts animating the work of our proposed participants.
DATE: Friday/Saturday, March 8 and 9th
PLACE: Royce 314
TIME: 9 am to 6 pm
KEYNOTE: Dr. Vandana Shiva
Anthony Carrigan, English, University of Keele, UK
Towards a Postcolonial Disaster Studies
Jessica Cattelino, Anthropology, UCLA
Ecosystems Services Valuation and the Measurement of Nature’s Value
Robin Derby, History, UCLA
From Bois Caiman to Bûche du Noël: Shapeshifting Trees on Hispaniola
Jill Didur, English, Concordia University, Canada
The Perverse Little People of the Hills”: Global Ecologies and Species Interdependence in Reginald Farrer’s Alpine Plant-Hunting
Julio C. Figueroa-Colon, Fundacion Sendero Verde, Puerto Rico
Academic Science at the Service of the Empire: The New York Academy of Science’s Scientific Survey of Puerto Rico (1913-1934)
Lizabeth Paravisini Gebert, Hispanic Studies, Vassar College
Bagasse: Caribbean Art and the Debris of the Plantation
Bridget Guarasci, Visiting Scholar in Anthropology, UCLA
Birding Under Fire: Wartime Environmentalism in Iraq
Susanna Hecht, Urban Planning, UCLA
The Political Ecologies of Euclides da Cunha, and the Re-Inscription of Landscapes in the Globalized Natures of the Upper Amazon

Barbara Rose Johnston, Senior Research Fellow/Executive Director, Center for Political Ecology
Nuclear Disaster: The Marshall Islands Experience & Lessons for a Post-Fukushima World
Joseph Masco, Anthropology, University of Chicago
Terraforming Planet Earth
Susie O’Brien, English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University, Canada

On the Edge of Resilience: The Postcolonial Environment in Arundhati Roy’s Work
Haruo Shirane, East Asian Language and Culture, Columbia University
Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons: Nature, Literature, and the Arts
Imre Szeman, English and Cultural Studies, University of Alberta, Canada
Subjects of Oil? Energopolitics, Materialism and Agency
ORGANIZED BY: Elizabeth DeLoughrey, Department of English at UCLA; Jill Didur, Concordia University, Canada; and Anthony Carrigan, English, University of Keele, UK

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