The Bahamas at the Venice Art Festival

TStrachan-Tavares-The-Distance-Between-2000hee Bahamas Director of Education in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Lionel Sands, announced that Bahamians will participate for the first time in the Venice Art Festival, calling it a historic first. 40 students from the Sadie Curtis Primary School will participate in the festival in Venice, Italy, from February 6-10, with world acclaimed artist Tavares Strachan.

“This event is a first in many respects for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and for The Bahamas as a nation,” said Mr. Sands. “This is the first time that The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism has been invited to have a pavilion at this 55-year-old festival, to showcase the beauty and hospitality of our islands to millions of attendees.” He noted too that this is the first time a Bahamian artist and his work have been featured at this festival, and the first time that Bahamian students will appear, their voices providing the backdrop for Mr. Strachan’s work during the event.

The director said that one of the most effective methodologies teachers employ in the classroom is integrated teaching, adding that the assignment that the students will embark on is all about integrated teaching and learning, because the project will expose them to Geography, as they travel thousands of miles to another country.”

“They will draw on Social Studies as they learn about different people and cultures. The students’ musical abilities and multiculturalism will be highlighted as they, Bahamian children, sing an Alaskan Indian song in a European city. Their vocational skills will be tested as they work with Mr. Christopher Hoover, producer, to produce the video for the festival. The experience gained will impact other subject areas, Language Arts and Math, just to name a few,” he said.

Mr. Sands said he is pleased, knowing that Mr. Strachan, who has achieved tremendous fame on the international art scene, got his early start dabbling with paints and clay at the Wilton Albury – now Albury Sayles Primary School, the H.O. Nash Junior High School and the College of The Bahamas, before he went on to schools in the United States. His success is affirmation, Mr. Sands said, that with education you can make it anywhere in the world.

[Photo of “The Distance Between” (2000) from

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