Making her TV acting debut: Jamelia returns to the spotlight as she plays a murdered singer in Death In Paradise cameo


It’s been a couple of years since Jamelia released her latest set of music.

But now she’s revealed she’s been busy concentrating on her acting career.The Superstar hitmaker has filmed a cameo for the second series of BBC1 drama Death In Paradise, where she had to jet off to the Caribbean to film her scenes, as Kimberley Dadds reports in this article for London’s Daily Mail.

Now stills of her in character have been released ahead of the episode to be aired on Tuesday night.

The Voice Ireland judge Jamelia can be seen in full lavish dress as she plays a show singer in a sequin blue frock.

The pop star looks set for some sort of carnival with the brightly coloured matching head dress as she sings into her microphone.

The 32-year-old plays Aimee in the fifth episode of the latest series, who collapses and dies mid song in front of the audience.

Friends with lead character detective Richard Poole’s sidekick Camille, the investigator sets about discovering who murdered the pretty entertainer.

Speaking about the role, Jamelia, who is one of many guest stars in the second series, said: ‘I’m so excited – not only did I film in a great drama for my first TV role but I did it in the Caribbean too!

‘Working with such a talented cast was amazing. It was witty and intriguing.’

Belinda Campbell, Executive Producer, added: ‘We have a wonderful cast for Death In Paradise. Jamelia in particular was such a surprise find; she is not only a talented singer but actress too.’

Poole is played by actor Ben Miller, who made a successful first season of the show.

DI Poole was seconded by Scotland Yard to the fictional island of Saint-Marie, a British colony, in the first series to solve a murder and ordered to stay.

The temperature between DI Poole and his glamorous sidekick DI Camille Bordey (played by French actress Sara Martins) heats up in the second series too.

‘My character definitely has an eye for the ladies,’ says Miller, ‘but I don’t think he has the confidence or belief in himself. He’s tremendously awkward. I think he’s given up on relationships. I imagine he’s been hurt at some point.’

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