Another Caribbean Ad Premieres during Super Bowl: “Behold” (the Islands of the Bahamas)


Much attention has been directed at the Volkswagen 2013 Super Bowl commercial. Meanwhile, another less controversial ad focusing on the Caribbean premiered at the same time. The ad showcases the Bahamas as a destination, displaying some of the islands’ most compelling features—“turquoise water, stunning beaches, friendly people, and the laidback lifestyle that transports vacationers millions of miles from their everyday cares.”

The multimillion-dollar advertising campaign features former Rick Fox (NBA star and actor) and supermodel Shakara Ledard, both of whom spent childhood years in Nassau, as well as world-famous illusionist David Copperfield, a resident of The Bahamas, who owns his own island, Copperfield Bay (formerly Musha Cay) in Exuma.

Shot on location January 16-20, the campaign called “Behold,” showcases these celebrities interacting with the striking beauty found throughout this nation of diverse islands, while the voice-over says (in an understated Caribbean accent): “Behold, sand so soft every step is like a stroll among the clouds. Behold, water so blue it seems to merge with the sky above. Behold smiles so wide they seem to stretch from the top of Little Abaco to the base of Great Inagua. Behold, the Islands of the Bahamas.”

According to Caribbean News Digital, the television spots are directed by Nigel Dick who has previously worked with Cher, Guns & Roses, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Oasis and The Backstreet Boys among others. Robb Aaron Gordon, a lifestyle and celebrity photographer whose credits include Ritz-Carlton, Rolex, Four Seasons, Cindy Crawford and Princess Cruises, shot the print ads.

Behold “Behold” here:

For more information, see and

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