Calypsonian Seadley “Penguin” Joseph Dies

SEADLEY_JOSEPH_PASSING_(5)Carnival Season was saddened by the death of veteran calypsonian and former president of the Trinbago Unified Calypsonians Organisation (TUCO), Seadley “Penguin” Joseph. A former Calypso Monarch and Road March King, Joseph was known for a number of hits including “Deputy Essential,” “We Living in Jail,” “Woman doh like sorf man,” “Look D Devil,” and “What Sweet In Goat Mouth.”

Joseph died [on Sunday] at about 2.30 am, at his Beaulieu Gardens, Trincity home. His death came four days after he was discharged from the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt. Hope after suffering a stroke on New Year’s Day and another on January 4.

[. . .] Joseph is one of only seven Calypsonians with the distinction of winning both Calypso King/National Calypso Monarch and Road March titles. He won the Calypso Monarch in 1984 with “Woman doh like sorf man” and “We Living in Jail”. Two years earlier, his hit “Deputy Essential” ruled the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, winning him that year’s Road March crown.

His wife Roslyn recalled that “Calypso played a big part in his life. It was part of his heart. But he never saw himself as just a Calypsonian. In everything he did he saw himself as a teacher and a nurturer.” She fondly recalled that Joseph got his sobriquet from the Penguin Group — a book publishing company in the United States. “He was a literature man, hence his name Penguin. Many of his favourite books were from that publisher and he was an avid reader.”

[. . .] TUCO president Lutalo Masimba (aka Brother Resistance) said Joseph’s death was a loss to not only the calypso fraternity, but the entire country as he described Joseph as a “national treasure”.

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3 thoughts on “Calypsonian Seadley “Penguin” Joseph Dies

    1. wait, i’m correcting myself. the will was scrunter. that deputy album was good though. i remember the whe whe banker too.

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