New Book: “Horrofílmico—Aproximaciones al cine de terror en Latinoamérica y el Caribe”


Horrofílmico: Aproximaciones al cine de terror en Latinoamérica y el Caribe (San Juan: Isla Negra Editores, 2012), the first collection of essays on the horror film genre in Latin America and the Caribbean edited by  Rosana Díaz-Zambrana and Patricia Tomé.

Description: Horrofílmic presents different approaches to the horror genre in essays that are widely varied both geographically and methodologically. The anthology includes 22 essays and panoramic comparative accounts on the genre, presenting nationally or transcontinental geopolitical readings on historical events and socio-economic contexts; the use of parody in re-adaptation of foreign iconographic traditions; the cult film and its interconnection with so-called “disposable” formulas; and cinematic implications arising from consumer practices in the digital age.

The contributors are: Fernando Pagnoni Berns, Pedro Cabiya, Jorge González del Pozo, Jonathan Risner, Laura Canepa, Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado, Carlos Primati, Alfredo Suppia, Lúcio Reis Filho, Gabriel Andrés Eljaiek Rodríguez, Nadina Olmedo, Gabriela Alemán, Rosana Díaz-Zambrana, Patricia Tomé, José Carlos Cano López, Vania Barraza Toledo, Álvaro Fernández, Felipe Gómez Gutiérrez, Mayka Castellano, Lucía Reinaga, Dean Luis Reyes, Rodrigo Carreiro, Beatriz Saldanha, and Victoria Ruétalo.

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