Cuba’s New Craze: the UK Flag

ukflagAccording to a BBC “Close-up” series installment, Cuba has been swept by a new craze—the red, white and blue of the UK’s flag. BBC’s Sarah Rainsford explored the streets of Havana to see where she could find the Union flag, interviewing people along the way. It is interesting to hear the diversity of responses the journalist gathers in the video segment (see link below).

According to the BBC, “the Union flag is now all the rage, sported by young Cubans on their clothes, nails – and even spotted as tattoos, and shaved into the back of people’s heads. While for some it is just another fashion symbol, others say the trend began with the London Olympics, which were followed avidly in Cuba and hugely popular.”

The Close-up series focuses on aspects of life in countries and cities around the world.

For video, see

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