Trinidad and Tobago’s National Single Pan Competition


Joan Rampersad writes about the National Single Pan Competition, which began last night, January 10 and will continue through the weekend throughout the island until Sunday. Some 52 songs will be played by the 63 Single Pan Bands that have registered for the event. The Tobago leg of the prelims takes place at the bands’ respective panyards from 7:00pm. Four bands will be vying for a spot in the National Single Pan Bands and Small Conventional Bands Semi-Finals scheduled for Saturday January 26, from 12 noon at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.

Most popular among the selections is Neil “Iwer” George’s “Bubble” followed by the late Grandmaster of pan music, Lord Kitchener’s (Aldwyn Roberts) “Toco Band.” According to Rampersad, Superblue’s (Austin Lyons) music was most popular among the bands; six of his selections will be played during the course of the National Single Pan prelims: “Wine on Something,” “Ethel,” “Bacchanal Time,” “Signal To Lara,” “Jab Jab,” and “Unknown Band.”

Lord Kitchener will have eight bands playing his songs, including “Toco Band,” “Jericho,” “Kaka Roach,” and “Iron Man,” to be followed by Christopher “Tambu” Herbert whose “Rant and Rave,” “No, No We Eh Going Home,” and “This Party Is It” will be played by three bands in the Eastern Region.

The majority of songs selected for the 2013 competition are old calypsos; only five new songs will be played:  De Fosto’s (Winston Scarborough) “We Come out To Play,”,Kees Dieffenthaller’s “Yuh Body Wukkin,” “Shock Attack” by Alvin Daniell/Edwin Pouchet and sung by Denyse Plummer, Destra’s “Call My Name,” and Iwer’s “Bubble.”

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