Theater: Puppetry Festival “Bamboula Bwabwa et Marionnettes”

jala-et-ses-marionnettes1The puppetry festival “Bamboula Bwabwa et Marionnettes” takes place February 2-9, 2013, in the town of Case-Pilote and at the Centre Martiniquais d’Action Culturelle (CMAC) in Martinique. Bamboula Bwabwa et Marionnettes includes a cycle of puppet plays, lectures, workshops, and an exhibition.

Description: The art puppetry offers diverse and marvelous creations in which visual arts, theater, music, video, etc., come together. Numerous experiences by artists, schools and other institutions bear witness to the effectiveness of and need for the use of puppetry in different areas. This conference will also provide meeting and conversations between artists, facilitators, educators, librarians, publishers, and parents.

Plays/performances include: Le cycle du jour et de la nuit, Murielle et sa ribambelle (ventriloquist), Lapin musicien, Le voyage sous le chapeau, Dédé et le secret du gommier, Ti Nono Ti sirè, among others.

For full descriptions of plays and schedule of events,Alpha see and

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