Call for Papers: Articles on Filmmaker Raoul Peck

peck_raoulToni Pressley-Sanon (University at Buffalo) and Sophie Saint-Just (Fordham University) invite essay proposals from scholars and independent researchers in various disciplines for possible consideration in an anthology reflecting on different aspects of Raoul Peck’s film career. The editors are interested in a wide range of topics, analytical frames, and comparative approaches. The deadline for proposals is February 15, 2013.

Description: The critically acclaimed filmmaker, Raoul Peck, has a long and impressive filmography that includes both feature films such as Haitian Corner (1987-88), L’homme sur les quais [The Man by the Shore] (1993) and Moloch Tropical (2009) and documentaries, like Lumumba, la mort du prophète [Lumumba, Death of a Prophet] (1992) and Le profit et rien d’autre [Profit and Nothing But! Or Impolite Thoughts on the Class Struggle] (2001).

Ideas to be explored may include: intersections of feature film and the documentary medium; the role of orality/oral tradition; treatments of history; treatments of myth; violence, power, and trauma; narrative voices; the art of the mise-en-scène; Peck’s place in the world/third cinema tradition; methodologies; and use of language(s).

Please submit a 400 word abstract and a one-page CV to the editors by February 15, 2013. (Previously published material will be considered.) If the editors accept your proposal, final essays must be submitted by October 1, 2013.

Please submit abstracts electronically to: and

For original CFP, see

For more information on Raoul Peck (and photo), see

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