Notable 2012 Art Exhibitions in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Puerto Rican art magazine Autogiro, has compiled a list of the 4 most notable exhibitions in the San Juan area for 2012. The list is impressive, mainly because of the large array of photographs offered for each of the exhibitions featured.

The four best exhibitions chosen by the Autogiro team are: the “Trienal Poligráfica-El Panal” at/by Casa de los Contrafuertes [also see San Juan’s 2012 Poly/Graphic Triennial “El Panal/The Hive”, In Old San Juan, Casa de Contrafuertes Events Continue, and 2012 Poly/Graphic Triennial: Deborah Cullen Reviews the Casa de los Contrafuertes Project]; Nick Quijano’s “Basura” [Trash] at Museo de las Américas [also see The Seduction of Trash: Nick Quijano’s “Basura”]; Edgard Rodríguez Luiggi’s “Rotten” at Museo Casa Blanca [see previous post Art Exhibition: Edgard Rodríguez Luiggi’s “Rotten”]; and Luis Francisco Martí’s “Similia” at Liga de Arte.

For the original list and full array of images, see

Photo (of Rafael Trelles’ “Rosa de la muerte en acera”) from

For more information on the San Juan Triennial, see

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