Art Exhibition: Edgard Rodríguez Luiggi’s “Rotten”

rotten.150597_4673489788493_1524810545_nSponsored by the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture, Edgard Rodríguez Luiggi’s solo exhibition “Rotten” opened at the Casa Blanca Museum in Old San Juan on December 6, 2012, and is still on view this month.

Description: Edgard Luiggi Rodríguez his latest work is characterized by attention to topics related to social criticism, civil rights, and social justice in paintings, drawings and installation. The artist comments, “With this exhibition, I invite the spectator to reflect on what we are—individually and collectively—with ‘secrets’ that take form and content, with deformed and decayed figures of animals, such as dogs, fish, and humans. I invite you to discover a world full poignant images, tattered and bewildered.”

Edgard Luiggi Rodríguez studied at the School of Visual Arts [Escuela de Artes Plásticas] and the Center for Puerto Rican and Caribbean Studies in San Juan, and the Savannah College Art and Design in Georgia. He currently teaches at the San Juan School of Visual Arts. His work, which has been recognized locally and internationally, can be found at the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture; the Puerto Rico Museum of Art; the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santurce; Casa las Américas in Havana, Cuba; and Venezuela’s Jacobo Borges Museum; among others. He has participated in international exhibitions in a variety of countries in the Caribbean, Europe, and the United States.

[Image above, “Pégaso en el aposento,” is not one of the paintings in his latest exhibition.]

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