New Book: Dominique Berthet’s “Pratiques artistiques contemporains en Martinique”


Dominique Berthet’s Pratiques artistiques contemporains en Martinique [Contemporary Artistic Practices in Martinique]—published in November 2012 by Éditions de L’Harmattan—brings to the fore “the important artistic effervescence and the abundance of creation” found “behind the postcard images of Martinique.”

As the author reveals, Martinique presents a wide range of practices: painting, sculpture, assemblage, installation, video, performance, and a hybridization of techniques. An exploration of notions of place, memory, inheritance, trace identity, and fragmentation, is often common in these artists’ works.

Berthet, who has been studying the creative production of Martinique’s artists for over twenty years, invites the readers to learn about their efforts and to explore “the mysterious universe of their works.” This book is connects the work of the many talented artists on the island with the framework that has determined them: the historical and social context that gives them meaning.

Dominique Berthet has a doctorate in Aesthetics and Art sciences and from the University of Paris 1 (Panthéon-Sorbonne) France. Interested in all kinds of artistic practices, in particular hybrid practices, the art critic is founder and director of the CEREAP: Study and Research Center in Aesthetics and Visual Arts. In 1995, he founded and still directs the journal Recherches en esthétique [Research in Aesthetics]. He is responsible for the M.A. in Caribbean Arts at the University of Antilles-Guyane since 2010. He is also co-director for the L’Harmattan collection « Les arts d’ailleurs » [Arts from Elsewhere] and director of the journal Gaïac (which he co-founded in 2009).

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