Simone Schwarz-Bart’s “Ton Beau Capitaine” Staged in the Netherlands

Nankoe Van Hetten

Many thanks to Peter Jordens for the following information and translation from the original announcement in Dutch, “Jouw Mooie Kapitein.” As the Dutch-based Werkgroep Caraïbische Letteren [Working Group on Caribbean Literature] announces on their blog, the 1987 literary play Ton Beau Capitaine: pièce en un acte et quatre tableaux [Your Handsome Captain] by Guadeloupean writer Simone Schwarz-Bart, will be staged on Friday, January 11, 2013, at 8:30pm, at Roode Bioscoop, Haarlemmerplein, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The play’s idea and translation are by Lucia Nankoe (shown above), a Surinamese producer, curator, writer and teacher of modern literature resident in the Netherlands.

The Caribbean has a rich narrative and literary tradition and a large number of literary prizewinners, including Nobel laureates. In Dutch theater this tradition has unfortunately remained underexposed. Living and working far from one’s home country and how people and their families survive far away from their loved ones are common themes in Caribbean literature. Ton Beau Capitaine tells the story of a Haitian man who earns a living as a farmhand in Guadeloupe. He communicates with his beloved wife in Haiti through audio cassettes (a form of contact that is common among people who have not learned to read and write). During the performance, the audience also hears the woman but does not get to see her.

Lucia Nankoe will deliver the introduction. The main actors are Maikel van Hetten as the Haitian farmhand and Izaline Calister as his wife (voice). The music is by Jacques Schwarz-Bart, the writer’s son.

[Photos: above, Lucia Nankoe and Maikel van Hetten (by Hellen Gill); below, Jacques Schwarz-Bart.]

Jacques Schwarz-Bart

For the original announcement in Dutch, go to or

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